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Vision, Mission and Values
To become a highly respected, world-class tire company, with a strong global brand identity which earns the devotion of our customers.
We strive to provide the highest quality products and customer service with the goal of creating lifelong CST customers. Anchored by a strong commitment to our values, we form close partnerships with our stakeholders, and together we work to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.
Our adherence to the highest ethical standards means that we are unfailingly honest. We are accountable for everything we provide and are consistently fair to all of our stakeholders.
In every aspect of our business, only the best is acceptable – and the best can always be better.
Delivering quality products and service is the responsibility of every CST employee.
Hard work is central to our goals. We value and reward the efforts of our employees.
Because we’re strongest as a unified, worldwide team, we value communication and cooperation. The only real success is that which comes with teamwork.
Our quest for quality leads us to focus on continuous improvement. We invest in our future through education, training, and innovation.
We believe in the worth of all of our individual customers, employees, and other stakeholders. We treat all people with the greatest respect and dignity.
Our responsibility as a corporate citizen guides our decisions. We actively contribute to the world around us.
Because we know that the best can always be better, we encourage creativity among our employees. We are always open to ideas and new solutions.
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